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Listed below are most of the common breakers for Federal pacific (FPE):
NA15 NA20 NA215 NA220 NA225 NA230 NA235
NA240 NA245 NA25 NA250 NA2B100 NA2B125 NA2B150
NA2B175 NA2B200 NA2P100 NA2P110 NA2P125 NA2P60 NA2P70
NA2P80 NA2P90 NA30 NA35 NA3P100 NA3P15 NA3P20
NA3P25 NA3P30 NA3P35 NA3P40 NA3P50 NA3P60 NA3P70
NA3P80 NA3P90 NA40 NA45 NA50 NA60 NAGF15
NAGF20 NAGF25 NAGF30 NB100 NB110 NB111015 NB111020
NB111025 NB111030 NB111035 NB111040 NB111045 NB111050 NB111060
NB125 NB221015 NB221020 NB221025 NB221030 NB221035 NB221040
NB221045 NB221050 NB221060 NB221070 NB231080 NB231090 NB231100
NB232015 NB232020 NB232025 NB232030 NB232035 NB232040 NB232050
NB232060 NB232070 NB80 NB90 NBGF15 NBGF20 NBGF25
NC15 NC20 NC215 NC220 NC225 NC230 NC235
NC240 NC245 NC25 NC250 NC30 NC35 NC40
NC50 NE113015 NE113020 NE114015 NE114025 NE114030 NE114035
NE114040 NE114050 NE114060 NE114070 NE114080 NE114090 NE114100
NE117025 NE117030 NE221020 NE223015 NE224020 NE224025 NE224030
NE224035 NE224040 NE224050 NE224060 NE224070 NE224080 NE224090
NE224100 NE224125 NE224150 NE234015 NE234020 NE234025 NE234030
NE234035 NE234040 NE234050 NE234060 NE234070 NE234080 NE234090
NE234100 NE234125 NE234150 NEF214015 NEF214020 NEF214025 NEF214030
NEF214035 NEF214040 NEF214050 NEF214060 NEF214070 NEF214080 NEF214090
NEF214100 NEF421015R NEF421020R NEF425015 NEF425020 NEF425025 NEF425030
NEF425035 NEF425040 NEF425050 NEF425060 NEF425070 NEF425070R NEF425080
NEF425090 NEF425100 NEF425125 NEF425150 NEF431015R NEF431020R NEF431030R
NEF431040R NEF431050R NEF431070R NEF431100R NEF435010 NEF435015 NEF435020
NEF435030 NEF435035 NEF435040 NEF435050 NEF435060 NEF435070 NEF435080
NEF435090 NEF435100 NEF435125 NEF435150 NEF631030 NEF631150NA NEF635100NA
NEG631015 NEG631020 NEG631030 NEG631040 NEG631050 NEG631060 NEG631070
NEG631080 NEG631090 NEG631100 NEJ223125 NEJ223150 NEJ223175 NEJ223200
NEJ223225 NEJ233125 NEJ233150 NEJ233175 NEJ233200 NEJ233225 NES2115
NES2120 NES2130 NES2140 NES2150 NES22100 NES2215 NES2220
NES2230 NES2240 NES2250 NES2260 NES2270 NES2290 NES2315
NES2320 NES2330 NES2340 NES2350 NES2360 NES2370 NES2380
NES2390 NES3100 NF621015 NF621020 NF621030 NF621040 NF621050
NF621060 NF621070 NF621080 NF621090 NF621100 NF631015 NF631020
NF631020R NF631025 NF631030 NF631030R NF631040 NF631040R NF631050
NF631060 NF631070 NF631080 NF631090 NF631100 NFJ424100 NFJ424125
NFJ424150 NFJ424175 NFJ424200 NFJ424225 NFJ434090 NFJ434100 NFJ434125
NFJ434150 NFJ434175 NFJ434200 NFJ434225 NFJ435070 NFJ631100R NFJ631125R
NFJ631150R NFJ631175R NFJ631200R NFJ631225R NFS3100 NFS315 NFS320
NFS330 NFS340 NFS350 NFS360 NFS370 NFS390 NJ631100
NJ631125 NJ631150 NJ631175 NJ631200 NJ631225 NJ631400 NJL3100T
NJL3125T NJL3150T NJL3175T NJL3200T NJL3225T NJL3250T NJL3300T
NJL3400T NJL424125 NJL424150 NJL424175 NJL424200 NJL424225 NJL424250
NJL424300 NJL424350 NJL424400 NJL424500 NJL424600 NJL631070 NJL631070R
NJL631100 NJL631100R NJL631125 NJL631150 NJL631150R NJL631175 NJL631200
NJL631225 NJL631250 NJL631250R NJL631300 NJL631350 NJL631350R NJL631400
NJL631500 NJL631600 NJS6307 NJS6309 NJS6310 NJS6312 NJS6315
NJS6317 NJS6320 NJS6322 NJS6325 NJS6330 NJS6335 NJS6340
NK631070 NK631090 NK631100 NK631125 NK631150 NK631175 NK631200
NK631225 NKL631070 NKL631150 NKL631200 NKL631225 NKL631250 NKL631300
NKL631350 NKL631400 NM622150 NM622175 NM622200 NM622225 NM622250
NM622300 NM622350 NM622400 NM622450 NM622500 NM622600 NM622700
NM622800 NM631500R NM632150 NM632175 NM632200 NM632225 NM632250
NM632300 NM632350 NM632400 NM632450 NM632500 NM632600 NM632700
NM632800 NM632800NA NN623090 NN623100 NN623120 NN633090 NN633100
NN633120 NN633120NA NP632060 NP632080 NP632100 NP632120 NP632140
NP632160 NP632180 NP632200 NP632250 XF632015 XF632020 XF632030
XF632040 XF632050 XF632060 XF632070 XF632080 XF632090 XF632100
XJL434125 XJL434150 XJL434175 XJL434200 XJL434225 XJL434250 XJL434300
XJL434350 XJL434400 XKL3125 XKL3150 XKL3175 XKL3200 XKL3225
XKL3250 XKL3300 XKL3350 XKL3400 XM433150 XM433175 XM433200
XM433225 XM433250 XM433300 XM433350 XM433400 XM433450 XM433500
XM433600 XM433700 XM433800